Blackberry Bramble

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Another drink for February’s Gin month. And also another drink from a girl named Michele.

I had made a Blackberry and Apple infused gin a while ago, even pre covid discovering home bartending 101 😉.

I hadn’t used it a lot in mixed drinks, mostly just neat, over ice. But when I saw Michele’s drink, I just thought ‘I have to replicate this with that gin I infused.’ The gin I used was Gordon’s, basically because it’s the cheapest. And when you are going to mess with infusing fruit, and don’t know what it’s gonna turn out like, you don’t go top shelf.

But! It did turn out really good. It’s berry fruit forward, the apple is there as well, later. It has a delightfully rounded flavour. I will definitely make some more when blackberries are again, in season. You could probably use frozen ones, like I have tonight, to muddle and garnish, but that intensity of flavour just isn’t there once it’s been frozen.

• 5 blackberries plus 1 more for garnish, I’m going all out and using 3 ☺️
• 60ml dry gin- my own Blackberry Apple infused.
• 1/2 oz blackberry liqueur
• 30ml lemon juice
• 15ml simple syrup
• Ginger beer to top off.

Muddle berries with liquors, juice, and syrup
Shake for 10 seconds to combine
Fill rocks glass with crushed ice
Double strain berry-liquor mix into glass
Top with more crushed ice and some ginger beer
Garnish with blackberry and strip of lemon peel

And thanks to Michele for the inspiration

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