Czech at the Door

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I made this drink tonight to honour the Czech heritage of the American that’s significant in my life. Like my wish for Americans at this time, this American changed my life for the better as well. His great grandfather left Prague in the early 1900’s, to seek out a better life in that mythical country that was far from anything he knew. A land of opportunity that welcomed anyone.

Moving to Chicago, he did indeed, make ‘something of himself’. Through hard work and diligence he built a new life for himself, and the girl he had eloped with from his old life, selling milk on the Charles Bridge.

Let’s get back to that place, where the battlers in life are rewarded, for their honorable work, and people can again hold their head up proudly.

  • 30ml Becherovka
  • 45ml Rye-Bulliet
  • 22.5ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Simple Syrup

Rinse of Fernet Branca
An Orange Twist to garnish.

Rinse coupe with Fernet Branca
Shake other ingredients with ice, and strain in to coupe glass, garnish with Orange Twist

Recipe from Kindred Spirits, who give creative credits to Ria Soler.

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