Blood Orange Margarita

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I went for a wander to the market with the main peeps in my life- my man and my dog. While meandering, I spotted some awesome looking blood oranges. It’s not something we see at markets here a lot. So I bought a few. Rob loves a Margarita, so that was an easy choice for tonight. He thinks the blood orange with the Tajin rim is pretty yum.

On returning home, I sent out a message on Craft Cocktail Club, for some ideas, for drinks with blood orange. Thanks to all the people who responded. I used Philip David’s suggestion tonight, so thanks. And thanks to everyone else who replied as well. Hopefully I can do a couple over the next few days

And the colour is pretty good as well.

Blood Orange Margarita
Recipe from

  • 45ml Blanco Tequila- 1800
  • 22.5ml Triple Sec- de Kuypers
  • 7.5ml Campari
  • 22.5ml Blood Orange Juice
  • 22.5ml Lime Juice
  • 7.5ml Simple Syrup 1:1

Garnish with blood orange and salt. I used Tajin, for colour effect.

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