Tokyo Ice Tea

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

We went to Tokyo and Kyoto about 3 years ago, as a side trip. We had just got married in Australia, which was the second wedding. The first one had happened 8 months beforehand.
When we arrived, it was spring, so Cherry Blossoms were everywhere. It truly was beautiful, and something to add to your bucket list. People picnicking below the cherry trees, just to enjoy them.
While we were exploring about, I never came across this in a drinks menu. Surprisingly unJapanese I guess 😉.

One night we were wandering in Kyoto (anagram of Tokyo in case you e never noticed- that’s a whole ‘nother story) we came across this tiny bar, seated maybe 20 people. But it had a 4 piece jazz band!

Not something we expected to see in old town Kyoto. We saw lots of Maiko and Geiko, but just the 1 jazz club. We didn’t attend a maiko event, as it was big bucks worth. But we did ride in style, in a rickshaw tour.

Anyway, I’ve made this drink before. It’s deceivingly powerful, so drink responsibly 😳.
It’s a beautiful colour, due to the Midori.
Something tonight, to remind us that there will be better days ahead. When we can continue discovering the amazing planet we live in, with its diversity and appeal.

Tokyo Iced Tea

  • 30ml Vodka-grey Goose la Poire
  • 30ml Gin- Bombay Sapphire
  • 30ml Rum- Spirited Union
  • 30ml Tequila-1800- (I know, I know, but the choices are limited where we live.)
  • 60ml Midori
  • Juice of a 1/4 lime=7.5ml about
  • 7 Up or similar

A highball glass and a kiwifruit ring, cherry, lemon, or lime. Kiwi are pretty scarce here right now.

Fill your highball halfway up with ice
Pour your alcohols into the glass, then fill with 7Up. Stir it with a bar spoon, or similar. And garnish

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