Watermelon Basil Mescal Margarita

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was looking for a summer drink for this evening, but in usual downtown Amsterdam style, it’s kind of hot ( by Amsterdam standards) and very humid. I think we could be in for storms.

I found this recipe online, while perusing ideas for watermelon and mint combos. This is watermelon and basil though, with the extra smokiness of mezcal to spice it up. Definitely a summer afternoon drink.

  • 60ml Mezcal-I used Ilegal
  • I used 5 Basil leaves, depending how much herb you want.
  • 30ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 90ml Watermelon Juice

What I did was whip the watermelon in the blender, than strain it. Then add your basil leaves to the shaker with the lime juice, and gently muddle. Add the mezcal, and ice, then shake that baby.
Strain into a pre salted rim glass.

I used Basil leaves, Watermelon, and quartered Lime wedges, on a stick. But do whatever you fancy.

I think this drink would work equally well with Mint. I also have some Thai Basil, that I think it would work well with.

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