Smoky night

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s a Smoky Night in Downtown Amsterdam!
Smoky night
Recipe from
We have had some chilly but clear days the last few. And while there is no visible smoke, the smell of peoples wood fires is saturating the air, in a good, snuggly way. It’s very gezellig.
Gezellig is a word that encompasses the heart of Dutch Culture. It’s also a word that doesn’t translate to English. But it’s a great word, and probably one of the favourite words of all expats, once they learn it.

45ml Ilegal Joven Mezcal
25ml Wenneker 24 Carrot
15ml Aperol
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Barspoon Elderflower syrup- I used St Germain

Stir all ingredients with ice, until chilled, then strain into a Coupe or similar.

I didn’t garnish. The recipe didn’t have one suggested. But I thought about it.

This is a vibrantly coloured drink, with a good punchy flavour.


Wenneke Distillary in in Roosendaal, North Brabant, which is the last station you would go through in the Netherlands, should you be catching a train from Amsterdam to Antwerp. I have been through on the train, but never stopped at the distillery. I think my invite must be lost in the mail.

Wenneker Distilleries was established in 1693; but today, over 320 years later, this dynamic family business is still bubbling with energy

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