Appetizer à l’Italienne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Adaptation courtesy of Frederic Yarm, Drink, Boston
Imbibe Magazine

Also known as :-How a vintage cocktail was updated with its historic allure still intact.

I follow Frederic on instagram and am always intrigued by his seemingly simple, yet complexed flavoured creations. Find him at @fredericyarm and also I somehow doubt he is any virgin when it comes to cocktails though. His dexterity with a shaker is amazing.

William Schmidt, from the Flowing Bowl, published in 1892, in the original drink, didn’t specify a garnish for the drink in his book, but Frederic says a lemon twist “would smooth out the fernet’s aggression, and an orange twist to sweeten things would be nice, too.

60ml Sweet Vermouth- I used Mancino Vermouth
30ml Fernet, such as Fernet Branca, which is what I used.
A bar spoon of Simple Syrup
A bar spoon of Absinthe- I used Hapsburg, which I quite like.


Stir all of the ingredients with ice, then strain into a chilled glass. Express the twists over the finished cocktail.

Those expressed Orange and Lemon twists you just used. Rolled nicely, if you can.

What a delight! Simple ingredients, simple drink, luxurious flavour.

I would love to take a seat at a bar, when I’m next in Boston, and watch Frederic at work. And sample his goodies. I may need assistance to walk out, but oh well, you gotta live it up sometimes, right.

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