Garden of Zest

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Recipe from @thebittergringo from instagram

A Spring recipe. Even though it’s officially Spring here in downtown Amsterdam, today we have had it all. Some rain, flicker of snow, some sunshine, and even hail. It’s only managed to get slightly above cold today as well. Our wind chill have kept the temperature at a nipply 3°c (37°f). However brisk, it’s still a great day.

I read this recipe, and even though it specifies Uncle Val’s Zested gin, I know @bobbysdrygin would work well. Their gin is infused with lemongrass amongst other eastern flavours, so pretty up for the task, I think.

The Gringo says that the inspiration came from bright sunny days in their garden. They should be so lucky. They also say the aromas of bergamot and crushed coriander complement melon, lime and the soft spice flavours (which are also found in Bobby’s gin). They then add that the mint lemonade flavour is inspired by the Mediterranean region.

A great spritely drink, we just really need the weather to co operate a tad more.

The recipe is:-
45ml Uncle Val’s Zested Gin- I used Bobby’s
22.5ml Italicus (bergamot liqueur)
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml Cucumber Shrub-yes, I made this especially
10gm Fresh Cucumber-a small wheel
4 Fresh Mint Leaves

Muddle the fresh diced cucumber in your shaker. Add remaining ingredients with 2 ice cubes and 2 frozen melon cubes. (Frozen melon purée-I actually used a small dash of Midori) Shake for 30secs. Strain into a stemmed glass.

Bergamot mist, white pepper, Lemon wheel, cucumber ribbon, and mint sprig.
I used a cucumber wheel as I used the rest of the lemon elsewhere.
Thread the ribbon onto a pick, insert your sprig. Add a crack of fresh white pepper onto the top, then mist (Italicus +Bergamot Bitters) and serve.

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