Holy Trinity

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

David Jordan Melisa x @speakeasieruk

As a starter, we went to Porto, in Portugal, maybe just before covid hit the world, and created a new order. While we were there, we sampled and bought a few different bottles of Port. This came in handy tonight.

I followed David first on instagram, then @claudine_drinks also posted a couple of his drinks. Then I just had to get his book.
The book highlights liquors that are “off centre”, as base liquors, for the average cocktail. I zeroed in on the Chartreuse, as I love its complexity. It’s a spirit I’m sure most have you have heard of, used a bit, as an ingredient. But, how many of you have used it as the spirit forward?

David also showcased some great glassware, of which one of them I tracked down as well. I have a thing for some nice serving ware. Cooking and cocktail focused for sure.
David also has a bit of a joke regarding the name. I can well relate to that. I was taught, as a child, by the Sisters of Mercy. Not to offend anyone, but they didn’t have a f##ken shred of mercy in them. I just remember them as cruel women, who beat up on little kids.

As David also said, discerning imbibers may recognise it as a New York Sour variant. But as he said, if you add egg white to a NY sour, it turns into a Greenwich Sour. Well, that I didn’t know.
However, this drink has a completely different profile. (ps, I’m also quoting David here).
But what a marvellous bevie!

60ml Green Chartreuse
30ml Lemon Juice
22.5ml Strawberry Syrup
Egg white, or foaming bitters

30ml Ruby Port

Add all ingredients besides Port to your shaker, shake without ice for 10-12 seconds.
Open shaker, add ice, then re-shake again for 10-12 seconds. Strain into an Old Fashioned Glass over a rock of ice.

Wait until foam has settled, gently pour in the Port, allow a layer to form, and voilà ⭐️

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