Rating: 4 out of 5.

Recipe by David Jordan Melia @speakeasieruk

60ml Chilli infused Madre Mezcal
15ml St. Germain Elderflower
7.5ml Ancho Reyes Verde
7.5ml Peychaud’s Bitters

Add all ingredients to mixing glass and stir with ice for 30 seconds.
Strain into a Nick & Nora glass.

Chilli oil droplets on the surface.

Another cocktail that requires a bit of pre planning.
However, well worth the effort. It hits a hot spot in your mouth, but ever so delightfully as well. Definitely not a chugged though.

The Chilli infused mescal was 25-30 dried Birds Eye Chili’s in 300ml of Mezcal. Infuse for 6-12hrs. Strain.

Chili oil- infuse some chili flakes in olive oil overnight. Then strain and decant.

Smoky, full of fire, and definitely a stirring of your palate, but oh, yum

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