Blue Sky

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Recipe courtesy David Jordan Melia @speakeasieruk

My jelly didn’t set so well, but the drink still tasted awesome.
It requires a bit of pre planning, but well worth the effort. I think I should have spent more time dissolving the agar agar.

Blue Curaçao Jelly ( part 1)
3gms Agar Agar mixed with 2 tablespoons of hot water, not boiling. Stir until FULLY dissolved (I think I rushed this part too much)
Pour into your 180ml of chosen liqueur. I used Blue Curaçao as David did.
Leave in fridge for 48hrs to set.

45ml Dos Hombres Mescal
22.5ml Lime Juice
7.5ml Aperol
7.5ml Orgeat

Add these ingredients to a shaker, and shake with ice for 10-12 seconds. Pour carefully, strained, over your Blue Curaçao jelly.

David recommends a Coupe and a decorative spoon for the jelly as a garnish.
Obviously I didn’t do that part.

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