Muddled Mission

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Recipe credit Joaquín Simó Death & Co.
from Max Smirnoff Craft Cocktail Club on fb.

45ml Tanqueray Gin- I used Hendricks Amazonia
15ml St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
7.5ml Yellow Chartreuse
22.5ml Lemon Juice
A large Strawberry

Muddle your Strawberry with your gin, add other ingredients. Shake with ice. Stain into a suitable receptacle.

A nice strawberry

Going out with neighbours/friends for dinner, and we invited them over for a pre dinner beverage. This was to lighten the mood of an otherwise gloomy afternoon. The morning was beautiful. Walked with the dog, to get the strawberries and lemons for this, had brunch at a favourite cafe, sitting outside in the sun. It was just a gorgeous morning. But alas, the afternoon deteriorated into a wet, grey one.

But enjoy your afternoon, as we will, despite the crappy weather. Because we will be enlivened by some great conversation.

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