The Cloud

Rating: 3 out of 5.


These girls make some interesting drinks. I saw the photo for this one and thought I would save it for a suitable day. Well, today really isn’t t that one. It started off with sun and blue skies. But now has deteriorated into a grey rainy mess.
But here’s a sunny blue drink to drown ourselves in. And hopefully it holds a promise of things to come.
I usually stay away from ‘pretty’ drinks, because often, they are just that. But this has Tequila 😉.

60ml Olmeca Tequila Blanco-Fortaleza used
30ml Coconut Water- a favourite beverage for me
15ml Creme of Coconut
7.5ml Blue Curaçao
2 dashes of Fee Bros. Mint Bitters
(I also added 4 drops of saline solution)

Add everything to your shaker, add ice. Then motor that baby till it’s nice and chilled.
Pour over crushed ice. Then add the garnish!

Blue Cloud

The girls said egg white and Blue Curaçao whisked together.
I made mine in my ISi Whip, using some soaked gelatin sheets, then dissolved them in a minimum amount of warm water. Then I let the gelatin water cool a bit. Added egg white and blue curaçao to the ISi along with the gelatin. Discharging 2 cartridges, and shaking for 15-20 seconds between and at the end. Then put in the freezer to chill it down.

It must soon get sunny for longer than a half day, right?

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