Patrón Paloma Roja

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Recipe from @stephane.foisy.186

I saw this recipe Stephane posted yesterday, and knew I would make it. As it turned out, I had just made some hibiscus syrup just a couple of hours before he had posted this. I used a recipe from my @bohemianmixology book, and wanted to use it. I don’t have the hibiscus flowers that Stephane had though. They seem hard to find here in downtown Amsterdam for some reason.

And, I’m not using Patrón either. “Oh, the horror!”, I hear you say. ☺️

I will avail myself of the Tajin spice though.

My hibiscus syrup did come out a beautiful deep crimson. I was quite pleased with it. I probably should have saved the flowers as well, but I ate a few of them anyway, before I finished with them. Chewy, would be how I described them.

Stephane says, that this drink highlights the citrus, the floral, and the peppery agave to the palate. And it’s all that and more.

We’ve had such a beautiful Spring day here, that this drink sees it out so well. It has all the elements of Spring/Summer, the bouquet is amazing, taste superb, and the colour, like a glorious sunset.
Well, enjoy.


60ml Patrón Tequila-Fortaleza here
75ml Fresh Grapefruit Juice-yep, bought it especially this morning
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice-is there any other way 😉
15ml St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
15ml Hibiscus Syrup
3 drops Saline-which Stephane says is optional, I used.

I added everything to my shaker, with ice. Shook for about 15 seconds to get everything nice and chilled. Then strained over fresh ice.

Rim your glass with Tajin, then if you have an Hibiscus Flower, add that. It also says a Lemon Twist.

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