Oaxacan Dragon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It’s just a margarita riff!
So look up a recipe if you need one.

Same spec as normal. I just used @speakeasieruk Spring Dragon mix with Mezcal, @mezcalverde.
I’m fresh out of @doshombres, because it’s not that easy to get here. Their smokiness would work so well with the Dragon Mix.

Than some lime juice and Curaçao.

Standard recipe, garnished with an oversized slice of Dragon Fruit, because Spring is finally here in all her glory.

I even got a little sunburnt, sitting out on my roof in the sun today. All my Single Ladies were working hard, for Queen Bee. I love watching them buzz about, loaded up with pollen. They are my bumblebees. I think I’ve mentioned before, that I get them each year, from a place in Belgium, that supplies organic stuff, for mostly way bigger gardens than I have.

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