Szechuan Watermelon Mezcal Margarita

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

By Mr. Cockandtails

I used the basic recipe again.

60ml Mezcal- Del Maguey Vida
30ml Clément Créole Shrubb
30ml Fresh Lime
20ml Rhubarb Simple Syrup
2ml Szechuan Pepper Tincture
Watermelon Juice to top.

It’s Szechuan Pepper rub. Rimmed on a half glass

I broke all the rules today, and just stirred everything in the glass, then added the watermelon juice and stirred again.

I blended, then strained the watermelon juice. Put it in the freezer to get a bit icy.

Today, we hit a Temp of 22°, with a feels like 28°. (71.6/82.4f). That’s quite amazing for here really. Unfortunately, the next 3 days are predicted to slump again. But after that, it should be summer themed, fruit based bevvies on parade. Let’s hope.

I had made this rub for a duck recipe. This was left over, and I thought the zingy Szechuan would go really well with the watermelon. And the Tincture, I had made for fun, following a recipe for tincture, from, compliments to Andy, for that recipe, and a few others.

And it worked so well. The zing works so well with the Mezcal and the coolness of the watermelon.
The kinda fruity smokiness of the Vida, combined with the smoky zest Ines of the Szechuan, teamed
with the deliciousness of cold watermelon. What’s not to love? Mm mmm.

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