Peachtree Punch

We are back from our travels, so time to mix drinks again and remember what proper summer felt like.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Peachtree Punch
From Smuggler’s Cove
Also via Tiki Recipes, compliments to Jeff Selby

1/2 a peach
90ml fresh Orange Juice
15ml fresh Lemon Juice
30ml Cream of Coconut
7.5ml Peach Liqueur
60ml light Rum ( here I consulted the Minimalist Tiki, and went with Plantation 3 Star)
30 ml Soda Water

Add the cubed peach chunks, orange juice, and lemon juice to a drink tin, and muddle, add the remaining ingredients. ( I actually blended everything with a stick blender then strained it)
I then added approximately a cup and a half of crushed ice and a few agitator cubes, (shook the shit out of it as I don’t have a milk shake stand)
Strain poured over fresh crushed ice into a double old fashioned.

Fresh grated nutmeg and a peach wedge.

We have been away on a holiday, it was warm where we went. Our first real taste of summer. We aren’t really getting much summer here in downtown Amsterdam just yet. We had a few hot days back in April/May, but then it’s back to normal. Struggling to find the sun, through the clouds and rain.

But! These drinks both use summer fruits. And we can dream it’s still 36°c (97° for the Americans) and that we are sitting under umbrellas trying to escape the sun

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