Dal Medico in Verona

We are in Verona and stopped in at this lovely cocktail bar in the main Piazza called Dal Medico.

We came here last night pre-dinner and the owner took us downstairs to see the up and coming “Speak-Easy” with the original Roman stones and road under the current square.

Some great cocktails on both nights.

First night cocktails were Medico Toniks and Chilly Con Carne. Both were very refreshing.

Tonight…we are settling for the Hanky Panky and the Diablito. Bellisimo!

Medic Toniks
Chilly Con Carne
Hanky Panky (left) and Diablito (right)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chiara Cantoni says:

    Hi! Love you enjoy Verona!!


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