Purp Colada

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I had ordered a copy of Chad Austin’s ‘Everyone has a F*cking Cocktail Book’ for delivery to my sister in law, in Florida. This was so when Rob went there, back in May, he could bring it back with him. Unfortunately the book never showed up before Robs trip back. So it sits in Florida, lonely and unused, awaiting our return to collect it, like a lost child in a circus.

However, Chad kindly sent me an ebook copy. Much to my joy and delight.

This was my first cocktail from his book. So I hope you like it.

Due to copyright, or respect for his hard work, I am not giving you the recipe though. He deserves the financial support, like everyone else does during these weird times we live through now.
But it was fun to make. And Rob enjoyed it as well.

You can see from the background, what a glorious summer we are having this year. I think if you bothered to go back through my posts, very few include a blue sky this year. There’s a reason it’s known as the Low Cloud Country!

It is a combination of rhum and gin, Campari and banana, curaçao and lime, and some other stuff 😉

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