Air Balloon

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This drink marks a return to normal for us, after 4 months of travel. Now we are home again, and things can go back to the way it was. Well, preferably pre covid the way it was.
But like many people, I wouldn’t have started home mixing, had it not been for covid.

I saw this drink, posted by @claudine_drinks on Instagram.

I knew straight away, I was going to make it. I just had to get me some of that @kafiliqueur I saw she used. The drink was originally crafted by Frankey Marshal. And the original used Cedric Liqueur. But, I love Kaffir Limes. So I just knew I would love this as well.

45ml White Rum-I used Flor de Cana extra seco
20ml @kafiliqueur
7.5ml Green Chartreuse
15ml fresh lime juice
7.5ml simple syrup

Sage leaves and a lime wheel.

Shake well, with plenty of ice. Strain over pebble ice.

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