The Turnbuckle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was drink #3 of 3 for the night. A brilliant drink created by Nathan Robinson.
This drink uses Cynar, definitely one of my favourite ingredients. I have yet to taste a bad drink that uses Cynar as a forward flavoured taste.

It matched up well with the New York Sour, but overshadowed the Suzette,
Next time, I would put the Suze forward drink first, then follow with these two more potently flavoured drinks.

I did these 3 when having some neighbours over for a selection of drinks, but disappointed myself with the order I presented them in. Oh well, live and learn. Because life, after all, is about the experience, right?

30ml Cynar
22.5ml Jamaican rum , I used el Dorado 15yr
22.5ml lemon juice
15ml Passionfruit syrup
15ml Orgeat

Combine all ingredients in a mixing tin filed with crushed ice (flash blend) or shake vigorously. Pour unstrained into a double old fashioned glass or a tropical tiki mug.

An orchid (which I didn’t have) and mint.

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