Stroll through the Souk

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Recipe by Paula Garner aka @thebitterfairy

I had saved this recipe a while ago, and waited until now to make it. I actually made a trial run last night with friends around for dinner, but didn’t post it as my chief photographer was away in London for work.

This is a vibrant cocktail in taste as well as colour, and I went with a purple viola as Paula did, to accent the colour even more.

The original drink was Anch-Old Fashioned, by @speakeasieruk, which was Ancho Reyes, a saffron and cinnamon syrup, some Chocolate Bitters, and a very fancy Tuile garnish.

45ml barrel rested Gin- KYRÖ Dark Gin used
15ml Cardamom Syrup
7.5ml strong Saffron water- (saffron dissolved in water)
1 barspoon Amaro Montenegro
A few drops of Orange Flower Water- just 2-3, otherwise it will dominate the drink.

Stir well with ice, strain over a large chunk of ice, into a suitable glass.
What you will, I used a purple Viola, but anything that will accentuate the intense of the colour. I even think a Star Anise would work tremendously well, to add another Souk-like flavour.

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