Rhubarb Margarita

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I thought a bit of spice and warmth was needed tonight. It’s windy and rainy here in downtown Amsterdam.

I found rhubarb in a green grocer the other day and thought to myself “I’ll have some of that”, knowing it makes such a lovely hued syrup.

Which is just what I did.

And for the drink, I was inspired by some bitters Rob had bought for me in the US when we were last in New Orleans last year.

We sampled it at a bar there. Don’t ask me, I was probably a bit shit faced and don’t really remember where.

It’s El Guapo Fuego bitters @elguapobitters, and they are awesome bitters. The label tells me they contain habaneros, jalapeños, Thai chili, grapefruit , lime, and coriander (cilantro for the Americans)
And that it pairs well with Tequila (which is what we are doing tonight) Gin, and Vodka. I’m not really a vodka fan, maybe I’ve never had a good vodka drink. Vodka to me is the tofu of the drinks world. It’s just used as a vehicle for whatever other flavours you are using. And by itself, it’s just boring.

Anyway, to the recipe.

60ml Tequila-I used Jose Cuervo Especial
30ml Cointreau
22.5ml fresh Lime Juice
15ml Rhubarb Simple Syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a chilled glass, here I used more ice and a garnish.

A rhubarb strip, a glass rimmed with Tajin, and a frilly paper wheel.

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