Strawberry Margarita

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yes, strawberries are coming into season here, and you can smell them in the fruit stalls at the markets and green grocers.

So I got some and made some strawberry syrup today.

I used about 250gms each or water, sugar and strawberries. Brought to the boil, then simmered for about 15mins. I wanted a nice thick kind of syrup. Strain and bottle. I added about 25ml of vodka to my final product to extend the shelf life.

It’s a recipe that’s been around for yonks, so I don’t really know who to give credit to.

It’s still shitty and cold here. A bit of an awakening, after our 2 weeks in warm Florida, where we might even have dared to complain about their humidity. Right! I know! I should have just shut the f##k up.

Anyway, here’s to bringing some enjoyable weather soon. It’s nearly Spring here. The daffodils and crocus are in bloom everywhere. A bit of blue sky and I would be totally fine. It doesn’t even need to be Florida warm. Just a blue sky and a jacket will do me well.

60ml of your favourite Tequila-Fortaleza here
30ml of fresh Lime Juice
30ml Strawberry Syrup
15ml Triple Sec- Pierre Ferrand Curaçao

And I muddled 2 strawberries as well, for a bit of extra flavour.
In your tin, muddle strawberries with the lime, or the Tequila, add all other ingredients, add ice. Shake that well and good to chill nicely.

For a bit of a kick and a look, I’m using fresh ground black pepper and salt on a half rim, and then adding a strawberry for that kind of wow effect.

So bring on the sun to accompany this soon.

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