Velvet Dragon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

@speakeasieruk -David Jordan Melia

As you may have realised, I’m a fan of David, and his book, Bohemian Mixology. It showcases the not usual forward spirits, which I love. I guess for a lot of people, the Chartreuse chapter might not be popular, or practical, right now.

@bohemianmixology for the book, and more about David.

But hope the shortage will be a temporary thing. I’m sure the powers that be, behind the scenes, are busy making alternative close enough spin offs.

There’s plenty more in the book to keep you going, until chartreuse is back in the readily available category.

Velvet, it conjures up memories for me of our living room curtains when I was a kid. They were dark red, blood like almost, and floor to ceiling in length. That’s saying a lot when our old house had 12 foot ceilings. (Back in my childhood, we still used imperial measurements, so saying 3 metres doesn’t have quite the same ring of voluptuousness). Anyway, we had these really long curtains, that were probably incongruous with the rest of the house, and all the kids that were in it. But I remember them distinctly.

Combine that with dragon, and you have the right colour as well.

Like creamy blood.

It’s also my first time using Licor 43’s Horchata. I have to say, it’s a bit yummy even by itself. So give some props to @licor43global as well.
It’s not my first time using Añejo Tequila, so I best remember to add it to my shopping list as well.
And to the Spring Dragon mix that David created. I love this syrup, it not only makes for “pretty”drinks, but is also very flavourful. So I recommend you get onto it as well.

I wonder if we will get a Summer Dragon?

To the drink

45ml Añejo Tequila-1800 used
30ml Licor 43 Horchata
22.5ml Spring Dragon Syrup

I added all to shaker, with ice, shook till nice and chilled. (The drink, not me) then strained into my glass.

No Garnish needed

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