Grasshopper 2.0

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

From @the_cocktail_bible

Rob loves a Grasshopper, and I finally made him one. But probably not quite what he expected, as I found a spec that used Mezcal as the base. That should up the anti, I reckon!
I do love Mezcal, and I really like the Potosi, for its clean flavour. It’s not as smoky as some, but very sippable drop. I love Mezcal, for its unique smokiness. And find it goes well with a lot of other flavours.
So let’s try this.

The original post called for
22.5ml Del Maguey Vida Mezcal- Derrumbes used
7.5ml Amaro Branca Menta
A bar spoon Absinthe-Hapsburg used
22.5ml Tempus Fugit White Creme de Menthe
37.5ml Heavy Cream
A drop of green food colour

A mint sprig and grated dark chocolate

Derrumbes San Luis Potosi, I bought this from one of my happy places,, here in downtown Amsterdam. They carry a great selection of many things, Mezcal being one of them.

And this is from the Derrumbes website.
Derrumbes third expression is a mezcal from the dessert produced exclusively from the extensive wild agave Salmiana Crassispina that grows naturally in the High Plateau of San Luis Potosi. With not enough trees to support mezcal production, Maestro mezcalero Manuel Perez forages for dry Salmiana leaves and quiotes to use as fuel. The result is an incredibly unique mezcal that reflects the flavors of its surroundings like no other. This floral and herbaceous mezcal from the village of Charcas has just the right touch of sweetness to balance its delicate intensity. @mezcalderrumbes

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