The Blacker the Berry, the Sweeter the Juice

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

From on Insta

I love when all the berries come into season. There was a great selection today at the Noordemarkt here in Amsterdam. A top spot for a wander if you are here touristing. And also close to home for us.

Rory & Jo are a cocktail duo, from London.

And this drink is surprisingly good.
I had to sub in some Thai Birdseye infused mezcal for the habanero bitters, because I don’t have them. I made this Mezcal infusion for a previous recipe from @speakeasieruk, and still have a lot left. I believe it’s probably gotten more spicy over time.

And the Mezcal I used is Dos Hombres, as we are currently watching Your Honor, and Bryan Cranston @bryancranston, @doshombes, is in both things. To trump that, we are having some Tex Mex for dinner, cooked by the capable @rprohaska. Yummo’s all round!

45ml Mezcal- they recommend Del Maguay-Dos Hombres here
22.5ml St Germain Elderflower
2dashes Habanero Bitters/ 2ml infused Mezcal
22.5ml Lime Juice
15ml Ginger Syrup
15ml Agave Syrup
4-5 (5) Fresh Blackberries

Destroy by muddling your blackberries, then add other ingredients. Add plenty of ice, shake hard for 12-15 seconds.
I did strain mine, but see they didn’t.
Pour into an Old Fashioned glass.
Top with crushed ice.

A sage bunch, and some blackberries.
I see they used mint, but said sage. And I just happened to have some growing up on the roof.
I did think this could end up sweet, with the ginger syrup and the agave, but not so. I did use the whole lime though. So probably 30ml

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