It’s No Mimosa

Rating: 4 out of 5.

From @thebitterfairy on insta

Well, Paula created this drink, with me in mind, I’m sure. She states that champagne doesn’t improve orange juice, nor does orange juice improve champagne. I totally agree. I always think champagne is really like vinegar with soda water. I just don’t get the fascination with it. And never have.

However, she has created an orange juice drink, that has gin and bergamot, so that teased my curiosity.

Paula says her personal challenge was to create something delicious, balanced, and pleasing to the eye, using both these aforementioned ingredients.

And that she did!

And my friend Timon had gifted me the Eaglesburn Gin, a Dutch Gin, @eaglesburndistillery. So i thought it about time to give it a run as well.

I also just happened to have blood oranges in the fridge, and also we have some of those small bottles of Prosecco you can buy, on hand.

45ml Gin- Eaglesburn Distillery Dry Gin
15ml Amaro Montenegro
15ml Italicus- or other bergamot liqueur
30ml Blood Orange Juice
15ml Lemon Juice
Dash of Honey Syrup-i used 1/4tsp Agave Syrup (or to taste)
Top with 45ml chilled Prosecco.
Combine all but the Prosecco in your shaker with ice. Strain over fresh ice, top with your Prosecco.

A slice or 2 of your orange

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