The Root Reviver

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Created by @monas_humanize
Recipe from @bobbysdrygin

Bobby’s Gin is from a Dutch distiller, from Schiedam, Netherlands. They posted this for their King’s Day drink. We have a King here in the Netherlands, maybe you didn’t know that. 🇳🇱
It’s the day after the other king was appointed, across the channel there 👉 🇬🇧
Our King’s Day was actually 27/4 for his birthday.
I thought I would copy it and use it with my Carrot Liqueur, from @wenneker.dist, also a Dutch distiller. Wenneker Distillery is a 100% family owned distillery, located in Roosendaal, and do some interesting distillates, red beetroot, carrot, as well as many traditional types. It’s also one of the oldest distilleries here, first established in 1693.

50ml Bobby’s Gin
10ml Cynar
20ml Carrot-Ginger Syrup
10ml Lemon Juice
Cucumber Bitters

Orange or Carrot, as you can see, I used carrot

I also didn’t have Carrot and ginger syrup, nor Cucumber Bitters. What I did have was, Wennekers Carrot Liqueur, of which I used 10ml. And I combined that with some Ginger/Basil syrup I did have. I used 10ml of that as well. And I had Cucumber Shrub, which I used a teaspoon of.
All in all, it came out remarkably well.

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