The Surrender

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Inadvertently an ode to Big Head Todd and the Monsters.
Rob started playing his guitar just as I was mixing this little delight up.
I had made a sour cherry Shrub with my Morel cherries. I had to beat the Blackbirds to them. The sneaky little beggars. I love their song, not so much their foraging in my garden. Particularly my cherries and berries.

So I used

  • 120ml of the waste left from my shrub.
  • Mixed with 90ml (accounting for loss in the mix) of Rittenhouse Rye.
  • I soaked this together a couple of hours. Then strained it.
  • I then added 2 good dashes of my home made Cherry Bitters.
  • And the juice of a small lemon.

I shook this, after I strained off the rye, with ice.
Strained and added more fresh ice.
This little beauty looks surprisingly sweet.
More sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet

So this is called
The Surrender

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