Rating: 4 out of 5.

Again recipe suggestion from
David Wolfe

I thought to revisit this recipe, but using a different Whiskey this time. Still the coffee infused Campari that David recommended a while ago. I just wanted to try out my Michters Rye, recommended to me by a Kentuckian, Sean. I still bought the wrong one from what he suggested. I got confused while perusing the vast selection at .

Such a great store, for anyone that’s local. The staff are great, always so helpful. And what an array of supplies they have.

So this time, still a 2:1:1 ratio
I used Michters Straight Rye, Punt e Ames, and coffee infused Campari.

Stir over ice
Orange twist again (imo it suits the coffee more-but lemon is the standard for a straight one)

Peace and Love people 💕 💕

Just a note, as I stated in my previous post for coffee infusing in Campari, it probably is influenced by what kind of beans you used. Ours are Dominican Republic. But why not give it a try.

I also remember telling Lyndsay at @floridacane she should try this. Apologies to Lyndsay if I spelled her name wrong, and for getting so shit faced while we were there. 😳

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