Pirate Radio

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Recipe from Dan Henschel of Craft Cocktail Club on fb

Dan had commented when he made this drink that Spring was almost here, but the cold had returned. That was over a month ago he said that.

This morning, we had an enjoyable outing to Keukenhof. I think it’s probably world famous. I could definitely hear lots of variable accents amongst the people there, also enjoying the Spring spectacle.

Then, this afternoon, you would think winter has returned. It got chilly and a bone cold icy breeze decided ‘that’s enough enjoyment for today’.
But we did have a great day to begin with.

Dan’s recipe, which I followed to the millilitre 😉, his was in ounces, and my little inside joke.

45ml Pineapple Rum- I used @spiritedunion
30ml Cocci Americano
15ml Green Chartreuse
15ml Suze

He didn’t give destructive details, but I shook it with ice, strained it, and applied it to a suitable piece of glassware.

Lemon Twist

Spirited Union is an Amsterdam based distillery, with a good array of rums. And their pineapple rum is equal to, if not better than, Stiggins. It has the most beautiful bouquet to your olfactory senses. The pineapple is definitely there, on your nose, then in your mouth as you taste it. Mm Mmm

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